About Us

Our goal is Precision. Rapidity. Quality.

Our Identity

We have been working for more than 30 years in the business of sheet metal processing. We operate in various sectors, providing parts for automotive sub-groups, industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, process machines, and handling equipment for goods or people.

We have always followed the mutated and mutant needs of the market we operate with flexibility and attention, having a complete structure covering all aspects of the product production cycle, and operating on a property of over 2,000 sq.

The strong determination of all staff, the organization, and a high potential is closely linked to the young and active environment. This give to New-Coba a continuous growth phase necessary to maintain competitiveness on the market increasing product quality.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a consolidated know-how we can provide quality service to our customers, based on fundamentals concepts:

  • Technological Innovation, using the new tools and machines that Technology develops and makes available.

  • Staff Training, because businesses are made by Men and knowledge, experience, know-how, and people's abilities produce value.

  • Produce the Small Series in a Industrialized and Competitive way, like the "Specials" products, non-standard products, prototype products.

  • Tracking and Capturing the Needs of a Market where "Big Numbers" are not present, but the speed and competitiveness of these productions must also be applied to those that are "small numbers", whitout decreasing quality features.

Our Story

  • Storia new-coba 1983
  • Storia new-coba 1992
  • Storia new-coba 2000
  • Storia new-coba 2005
  • Storia new-coba 2007
  • Storia new-coba 2016
  • Storia new-coba 2017
  • Storia new-coba 2018

Quality and Certifications

We obtain for 10 consecutive years the KIWA CERMET ITALIA Quality Management System , thanks to the active participation of the entire company Staff.

The Integrated Environment and Quality system complies with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, UNI EN ISO 14001/2015 standards. Our philosophy of continuous improvement , our technology park, the staff training and the creation of new know-how has always allowed us to renew UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification with the highest marks in every corporate production and management's areas.

We have obtained the EN ISO 14001/2015 Certification in addition to the previous one in order to offer our customers more services with continuous improvements, including in the aspect of Environmental Management Systems. We are able to offer a product tracking system across the entire production stream thanks to a IT management system for the control of each internal Step: from receipt of requests to batch of finished products.

In addition, we use a security system for the integrity and protection of all business data.

Order Process

Our Management is based on a state-of-the-art IT management system. We are able to plan and develop all the processes required to realize the product. We can accomplish any need, including small batches and lots of prototypes, by identify the specific needs of each customer.

The requirements of product specification determination processes provide the customer with a highly-qualified service: ad hoc for your project.

All our work is done from a project provided by the customer, always in strict compliance with the safety rules and the rules of the certified quality system. For every need, our engineering and design office is at your disposal to propose solutions and develop ideas.

Our streamlined and dynamic business structure enables efficient and competitive management of all the steps of our production process, even for small batches of products or prototypes.

New-Coba always owns stocks of different types of materials in order to guarantee its customers quick and accurate deliveries, reducing waiting times.

Technical Office

Our 3D CAD design engineering department is dedicated to optimizing the production process by working to meet all customer requirements, remaining available for each request.

It has 3 CAD positions, 2 CAM stations and all the 2D and 3D software needed to manage laser cutting and other machining, which allows you to view the workpiece at various stages of construction.

By having Knowledge and know-how combined with a dynamic and research process, we can offer the customer the flexibility in realization also of smaller, more articulate and more complex details.

Logistics area

The implementation of an automated warehouse with availability of Raw Materials Stocks make us capable to reduces the timing in the handling phases, from the receiving of Materials to the final delivery to the customer, managed with express vectors.

Thanks to the dynamic and structured organization of all the steps inside our company structure, we guarantee the compliant delivery timelines, customized to the needs of every customer, even in the management of small batches or prototypes.

To achieve this goal, New-Coba offers a service consisting of a variety of external national and international carrier, chosen depending on the type of transport and specific requirements, in order to ensure delivery in time and competitive costs.